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Gearing Up for the 2024 Elections

Next year, ASN will be doing three ballot measures. We will be doing them in Churchill County, Nevada; West Wendover, Nevada and Douglas County, Nevada. The ballot measures will seek to legalize brothels in those three areas. Churchill County already has prostitution legalized, which was affirmed by a 60 percent supporting vote in the 2004 elections, but the county commissioners of Churchill have enacted probably the strictest zoning laws out of all of the Nevada counties that allow brothels, effectively shutting out brothels and thus going against the will of the people. The 2024 vote (20 years after the 2004 vote) will seek to have brothels within the city of Fallon (the largest city in Churchill). What good is a brothel if it's zoned out in the middle of nowhere?

Our efforts are bold, but will also be a test to see if we can set ourselves up for a statewide 2026 win. If we could get large donors and backers behind us, after we win in these three counties, we could win statewide in 2026. Collecting signatures and advertising is the costly part.

For us to win in these three counties in 2024, we need donations to help drive us. Please donate to us today.

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