About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. A Safer Nevada emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. Most people agree that prostitution (we refer to it as "sex work") should be decriminalized or legalized in some form, but nobody ever does anything about it...except us.


Established in 2021, we’re a Political Action Committee created specifically for the express purpose of decriminalizing sex work in Nevada. Our PAC is registered with the Nevada Secretary of State and thus we are allowed to collect donations and campaign.

We are driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and we hope to build a strong foundation of support.

Nevada is unique in the respect that out of the 16 counties that Nevada has, 10 of those counties allow for sex work in regulated and licensed brothels. 

Why Decriminalization?

However, the brothels fail to properly regulate prostitution for a number of reasons: 

  1. The brothels are not close to any major city, which is due to state law. For instance, the closest brothel to Las Vegas is an hour and ten minutes away.

  2. The brothels take half of what the worker makes and so the lady charges unusually high amounts and thus brothels become only affordable to the wealthy of society.

  3.  Brothels have strict rules that the ladies have to abide by that might make it difficult for single mothers and those who have dependents, e.g having to stay at the brothel for 15 day shifts.  

  4. County regulations only allow so many brothels. It also costs a lot to maintain and run a brothel, again playing into the exclusivity of the wealthy.

  5. Most importantly: prostitution is still occurring outside of the brothels. Due to the innovation of the internet, the demand for brothels is withering. Experts suggest that illegal prostitution is making 66 percent more money than what the legal brothels bring in. 


Due to the illegality of sex work outside of brothels, those in it can find themselves to be the victims of robbery and assault. They cannot go to the police without the fear of arrest and prosecution. The same is with the customers of sex workers. Due to the illegal nature of sex work, all services are paid for "time only" (to avoid incrimination) and so scam artists can use this vagueness to swindle trusting (or intoxicated) customers out of money. This is called "trick-rolling". Criminal law defines this as "larceny". Both parties are at risk when sex work is illegal.

Our PAC seeks decriminalization because it would remove criminal penalties against any adult in the state who engages in the act of prostitution with another adult: in their home in Henderson; in a hotel in Reno; in a cabin in the woods of Toiyabe National Forest; in an RV at the Circus Circus RV park in Vegas; on a private yacht on Lake Tahoe --  wherever two consenting adults choose to engage in sex -- as long as it is out of view of the public.

A further goal our PAC hopes to achieve is to allow the advertising and solicitation of prostitution. Even with legal brothels, it is not legal for a working lady to discuss prices outside of the brothel, thus creating awkward situations when a customer shows up to meet a prearranged date, just to discover he doesn't have enough money for what the sex worker is asking for. Sex work is work and thus the costs of it should be freely and openly discussed.

With sex work decriminalized, a sex worker can pay taxes and run her sex work as a legitimate business. The worker can also go to the police without fear of arrest or harassment. 

Sex work is not just limited to women, though. Decriminalization will protect our LGBTQ+ friends who choose to engage in sex work.

Rest assured: A Safer Nevada is absolutely against human trafficking and we will ensure that victims of trafficking and those who are underage will continue to be protected.

Important to note: A Safer Nevada is not anti-brothel. We are not trying to put any business out of business. We actually encourage the brothels to support us in our goal. Decriminalization would help the brothel business as well because then the ladies who choose to work in brothels will be able to do outcalls without the fear of breaking the law.


What we are trying to achieve is essentially what UberEats did for the food business: it expanded upon the service industry, not put them out of business. People who still want to eat out, still eat out, while others order delivery. Comparatively, people who believe brothels are safer, will continue to go to brothels, even after our PAC successfully decriminalizes sex work. Our PAC knows that decriminalization can be an expansion upon an already existing system and that is why we feel our campaign can be successful in Nevada because the state's populace is already comfortable with prostitution. 

The irony is not lost on us that the "sin" of sex work outside of a brothel is banned in "Sin CIty" (aka Las Vegas) and the rest of Nevada. Our PAC seeks to change that.


Please support us today to help us change the law by removing criminal penalties for those engaged in consensual sex work.