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Polls spanning the last decade have shown a statewide, majority support for prostitution. Those polls are why our PAC is so confident that we can successfully decriminalize prostitution in the 2024 elections. In order to get decriminalization on the ballot, we need to gather signatures for 10 percent of the people who voted in the 2020 elections, which puts the number around 144,000 required signatures. To make things more specific, those numbers must come evenly from four different Nevada districts, which is about 40,000 required signatures from each district. To gather these signatures, signature collectors will be needed. Nevada allows payment per signature. 


The 4 Districts  from 2020

District 1: Las Vegas.

District 2: Reno and the blue areas.

District 3: The rest of Clark County.

District 4: North Las Vegas and the pink areas.

The Ballot Question

The proposed question below is what our PAC is hoping to be on the 2024 ballot: 

"The People of the State of Nevada do enact as follows: Shall Nevada Revised Statute 201.354, which criminalizes the act of engaging in and soliciting prostitution, be amended to: (1) decriminalize all criminal penalties against any person (male or female) above the age of 18 (an adult) who engages in sex (anal, vaginal and oral) for money with another adult (male or female) outside of a house of prostitution; (2) make all prostitution that occurs outdoors within public view to still be a punishable indecent offense; (3) make all prostitution that occurs with minors to be a punishable offense; (4) allow private businesses such as hotels to decide whether or not they will allow prostitution on their premises; (5) allow sex workers to advertise their services online and in print, such as in magazine ads; (6) allow customers to inquire of any sex worker’s prices; (7) heavily punish those who force individuals into sex trafficking."

With your help, we can get this question onto the ballot. Please make a donation today.

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