Book of Laws

Legislative Lobbying

Petitioning for decriminalization to be put on the Nevada ballot in 2024 is just one part of the process. If the petition receives enough signatures, the proposed law would automatically go to the legislature in 2023, per Nevada law. The legislature would then have 40 days to accept the proposed law or to reject it. If rejected, the proposed law would then go to the 2024 ballot as a question. Our PAC is confident that we can get enough signatures to go in front of the legislature. If we can do that, our PAC would ensure that Nevada sex workers would have the chance to testify in support of the proposed law.  

 A Safer Nevada also plans on supporting and funding local, state and federal candidates who will put forward progressive ideas and who will help make our cities, state and country a safer place for sex workers and other marginalized people. 

Additionally, we will lobby to pass laws that protect sex workers and their clients. We also seek to bring public awareness to the plights of those in the sex industry by holding town halls, rallies and airing commercials on TV and online.