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Just like with any successful campaign, our PAC needs money to hire staff, legal counsel, pollsters and signature gatherers.  While we appreciate and welcome volunteers and pro bono work, volunteers can only do so much without needing compensation. 


You should donate because the time has come for things to change. This decade is the decade of progress; where the old way of things just won't be tolerated any longer. Nevada, especially Las Vegas, is synonymous with sex work and thus many women (and men) ply their trade here.

A sex worker could be your sister, your daughter, your brother, your granddaughter or somebody you work with. These people need protection and that can only happen through this PAC, as Nevada law requires a PAC for a ballot initiative, which is why our PAC was formed.  


That's right! Per Nevada law, any donation to a PAC that is less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) is not reported to the Nevada Secretary of State's office.


If you wish to donate more than $1,000.00, we absolutely appreciate the donation, but please be aware that your donation has to be reported on our PAC's Contributions & Expenses Report.

There is no max amount on how much one can donate to a Nevada state PAC.

For as little as $20.00, though, you can help make a difference. Donations can be made through our PayPal or through ActBlue, which is a progressive fundraising site.*

Please make a donation today, and together, we can create a safer Nevada.

*As a disclosure under IRC § 6113: donations made to political organizations are NOT tax-deductible. Your donation is a form of political speech that signals support for our organization.


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